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Our World, Our Story

R.O.T.U. World was founded in 2012, following the release of the music single We On and rebranded in 2015. Pronounced as an acronym "R.O.T.U. World" stands for: 

Rebels of the Underground World 

Named after the first album collectively released as a company, Rebel of the Underground

A content creator and recording company located in San Francisco, California. ROTU is currently home to recording artist Marcus Orelias whom looks forward to galvanizing the world with fresh, innovative and engaging takes on popular culture. 

Specializing in providing musical contentbranding of recording artist and creating intellectual properties. The company is also home to the series A Peplum Epic20s A Difficult Age, a coming of age story told through the focal point of several characters set in the "Ancient-World". The "Peplum Epic" spawned from the heavily conceptual rap album of the same name released August 26th, 2017 by Marcus Orelias. 

Ambitious visionaries and still growing, ROTU World emphasizes nurturing an educational and healthy in house culture of  "quality over quantity" while learning how to become their own leaders. We believe - from experience, giving recording artist the proper tools to create can transform them from "good to great" artistically and socially.