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Our World, Our Story

R.O.T.U. World is a content creation company founded March 26, 2012 that focuses on bringing original intellectual properties to the world. Pronounced as an acronym "R.O.T.U. World" stands for: 

Rebels of the Underground World 

Named after the first album collectively released as a company, Rebel of the Underground by Marcus Orelias.

R.O.T.U. specializes in providing musical content and creation of intellectual properties across all mediums. Our subsidiaries:

“ROTU World Recordings” (music), “ROTU Books” (books), “RedRoc Interactive” (video games) and “Weird Animal Studios” aim to do the same.

The company is also home to the series A Peplum Epic20s A Difficult Age - a coming of age story told through several characters set in the "Ancient-World".

ROTU World emphasizes nurturing an educational and healthy in house culture of  "quality over quantity". We believe - from experience, if given proper tools to create we can transform a work from "good to great", leave a lasting impression on society and educate in the process.