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Marcus Orelias is a recording artist, actor, comic-book writer, graphic designer and business entrepreneur from San Francisco, California. Marcus began his art career by being admitted into The American Conservatory Theater's Y.C. Program where he graduated from to study acting, performing in stage plays such as Copies written by Brad Slaight and Korczach's Children.

Marcus' music journey began with him rapping and recording into a used twelve inch Macbook Pro laptop given to him as a hand-me-down. In 2012, Marcus released the one verse, original version of We On (Must Be) simply titled We On featuring Motown Records singer BJ The Chicago Kid. Without label support or financial backing, being unsigned prompting the development of his own record label imprint.

On June 21st, 2013 Marcus would go on to release his debut LP, Rebel Of The Underground. Later that year he would return to the theater stage to perform in another production called Time On Fire and continuing to pursue his film and music career.

After five years of creating, on August 26, 2017 - Marcus's second LP, 20s A Difficult Age was release prompting the creation of the brand of the same name.


TBA: VOL. I - 20s A Difficult Age: The Blue Madjai





Since 1993 (2012)

Director - Neil Tobias

DP - Nik J & Studio 92

Editor - Neil Tobias

Producer - Willie B of Digi + Phonics

Label - ROTU World

Marcus Orelias Feat. Scratches by DJ Elliven

Song - "Exercise Control"

Album - Rebel Of The Underground (2013)

Director - Marcus Orelias

Editor - Marcus Orelias

Sketches - Marcus Orelias

Producer(s) - Jay B, Antlionnn

Label - ROTU World