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20s A Difficult Age™



20s A Difficult Age also known as A Peplum Epic: 20s A Difficult Age™, simply 20s or abbreviated as T.A.D.A. in acronym form is a sword-and-sandal historical epic created by Marcus Orelias based on the rap album of the same name. The epic timelines the spiritual journey of both Harnuphis Bukouloi™ and Marcus Antoninus from beginning to end and follows various characters throughout their twenties. The series also follows protagonist turned antagonist Avidius Cassius as well as the shadow antagonist The Mysterious Man™.

20s A Difficult Age is a fictional mixed with non-fiction elements that contains typical story motifs common to the sword-and-sandal genre as well as unconventional.


During the First Frontier Wars, a spiritually gifted young woman named Harnuphis delivers a message to Marcus Antoninus, an Emperor, who succeeds in his public life but continues to struggle in his personal. Together, they work to stop Avidius Cassius, a dictator rising to power.


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Feature 2

What happened to Harnuphis during the events of 20s A Difficult Age? Story created and written by Marcus Orelias, cover illustrated by Mohammed Agbadi, panels illustrated by Stanley "The Stanch" Obende, colored by Michael Balogun and lettered by Marcus Orelias, the anthology comic book Vol. 1: The Blue Madjai serves as a answer to that question. Time lining Harnuphis's journey during the epic.

Feature 3

Hear the rap album that started it all, 20s A Difficult Age. The heavily conceptual fifteen track rap album accompanied with a gripping coming of age story. T.A.D.A. looks to make history and stand the test of time.