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Our Mission


One of R.O.T.U. World’s missions through its content is representation.

Long-Term View: Pop Culture is Dictating Education.

As more children and young adults are being exposed to digital information and social media as a result of globalism. It is important that they are given the proper information to adjust to a world where pop culture is more influential than education taught in classrooms.

Pop culture should be used as a teaching tool all the way down to elementary school not only exclusively to college level courses. 

Most students interested in the arts at a young age are turned off by the concept of formal education by the time they make it to college and if they make it to college. Another factor is the need for some adults to shelter children from pop culture stifling them, when they are exposed to it anyway. For many young adults media is their introduction to discuss sex, familiar ideas, substances and violence. Often programs do not showcase the negative side effects of these topics in depth discussions. For this reason positively or negatively we must give the proper critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate the positive and negative elements of these themes.

Modern classrooms repel the "untraditional" students who learn different because the curriculum doesn't draw on the interest, experiences or surroundings of that student. By using pop culture as a means to teach skills and moral lessons, media can provide a platform for students to increase school based literacy.

In some schools narcissism is being modeled which is also showcased in media but has also contributed to some teachers and parents resistance to implement healthy ways of integrating modern technology into places of learning. In a world of rapidly expanding technology no definitive value is being placed education and being famous, therefore churning out children who become adults and post no substantial traits and skills to change society.

In return art and other industries suffer from "sandbox" thinking. Redundancy of the same ideas and thoughts from the same groups of people who happen to be the ones that "survive" the system. To summarize, if done correctly education can allow new voices tell a story and reconstruct social imagination. Giving a boost to the legacy of humanity.


As seen in the chart below. ROTU's main focus is to shift and reconstruct social imagination by providing new takes on what it means to be "creative". We would also like to balance our content production and create the tools that can be used to implementing pop culture into classrooms through music, the visual medium and print.

Content Production

ROTU World's content production from the years 2012-2017.

We are not just a generic "record label" that signs artist, shelves artist and throws content at you hoping something sticks. We are educators, an independent content provider using talent to shape the next generation. 


We started in 2012 as a small group of friends and spent the first five years struggling to get the right people on board, rebrand, get our central concept and get to a sustainable model that would generate positive cash flow with minimal losses.

 Over the next five years we will keep leading by offering amazing entertainment experiences and excellent teaching material for educators globally. As long as there is a curriculum there will be ROTU World.